Split Air Conditioning Systems

When you think about air conditioning, you might picture a central A/C system, which uses an external air conditioning unit to move cold air through ductwork to cool a whole home or commercial space with strategically placed ducts throughout the space. While this is a common type of system, it is not the only option. There are ductless air conditioning solutions available for areas where you do not want to invest in new ductwork or you want a varying degree of cooling for each individual room. Split air conditioners are one possible solution, which can be more attractive and permanent than window units with greater flexibility than a central air system can provide.


What is a split air conditioner?

A split air conditioner combines an exterior condenser with an indoor unit that has its own thermostat for optimal temperature control. Some split systems can connect up to 5 interior units with a single outdoor condenser, making it possible to cool a whole home with a split air conditioner. Split air conditioners can be more cost effective to operate, because you have the option to only cool rooms that are currently occupied. Additionally, there is no loss of cold air through ductwork, which can occur with a central air system. However, the installation cost of a split air system can be higher than other types of air conditioners. Therefore, it is important to work with an experienced installer like Choate’s to make the right air conditioning choice for your home.


Where are split air systems most effective?

There are many situations in which a split air system can be beneficial. Hotels and apartment buildings may benefit from split air, because each interior unit can be controlled individually by tenants. Buildings without existing ductwork might also be ideal for split air systems, especially with older properties that may not support standard duct systems. Homeowners often choose split air systems for home additions, since the cost of ductwork can be eliminated. With modern design choices for interior split air units, you can fully customize your system to fit your specific needs. Our technicians will ensure that you have a split air conditioner with the right capacity for your space and a design you prefer, allowing you to enjoy cool comfort without spending more than you need to.


We are proud dealers of Carrier equipment for our residential air conditioning and heating systems due to the quality of their products. We can service and repair all brands and quote other brands as well.

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